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When you think about visiting Taj, a question may come up in your mind about "how to spend a day at Taj". Even though Taj Mahal seems to be a single building, but there are so many structures inside it that you will feel that a day at the Taj Mahal is just insufficient to explore this amazing monument. If you want to appreciate the beauty of this splendid monument fully, we suggest that you should visit it atleast twice. In the morning, Taj Mahal, veiled with mist and immersed in a soft red glow, looks straight out of a fairy tale. The reflection of the sunlight falling on its white marble facade changes color from soft gray and yellow to pearly cream and dazzling white, as the day passes.

The time of dawn presents Taj in delicate shades of pink, while the setting sun washes it with orange color. However, the beauty of the Taj reaches its peak during the moon lit nights, especially on a full moon night. Bathed in silver light of the moon, it seems just like a dream that has just come true. A day at Taj Mahal will keep you busy only with the task of taking in its mesmerizing beauty. There is no limit on the time you may spend at the Taj on a single visit. You may remain here the entire day and let your eyes soak the splendor of the Taj.

Tour Details

Day 01 : Chennai - Delhi (Hotel Check in at Delhi)

Day 02 :
Dep. 06.00 A.M.
Delhi to Agra 200 kms.  Arr. 11.00 A.M. Agra Fort
Dep.12.30 P.M. Agra Fort to Agra Cantt. (Lunch) Arr. 01.00 P.M. Agra Cantt.
Dep. 01.45 P.M. Agra Cantt. To Taj Mahal Arr. 02.00 P.M. Taj Mahal
Dep. 04.00 P.M. Taj Mahal to Sikandra 10 kms. Arr. 04.30 P.M. Sikandra
Dep. 05.00 P.M. Sikandra to Mathura 40 kms. Arr. 05.30 P.M. Mathura
Dep.06.30 P.M. Mathura to Delhi 150 kms. Arr. 10.00 P.M. Delhi

Day 03 :
Check out hotel and depart Chennai.

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